Generate Quick Proposals and monitor customer activities

This is an easy to use drag and drop type application which help companies to streamline sales proposal process.

Carefully selected the technologies

This project handles tons of content blocks and proposals. Traditional RDBMS is not a good choice for this project. After one week of workshop, we decided to use cloud based document database (MongoDB) for this project.

Since there are lots of functionalities in the interface side itself, we carefully categorised and followed good coding standards. We followed MVC framework in the entire project.

We have tested many PDF Libraries to know which one will give better output and finalized by creating a new modified version of iTextSharp Library.

technologies used

Create Proposals fast

For creating proposals instantly, we need some pre-defined content blocks. We successful created easy to use drag and drop content blocks consist of Text Blocks and Image blocks.

Companies can use same type of pricing table to same type of customers. It became a good decision to add pricing tables into the libraries. So not only the content but also the pricing options became easy to use.

Post proposal tasks

Generating a proposal is not the end of journey. The analytics system and option to accept and reject proposals helps to keep record of client behaviour.