A lightweight JavaScript library that simplifies working with vectors. Working with Scalable vector graphics (SVG) using JavaScript has for a long while been a headache for many wen developers.

Power Behind Handlebarsjs template system

Handlebarsjs refer to a semantic web template system. It is also a superset of Mustache, which is able to render mustache templates on top of handlebars templates. more →

Upcoming Technology Trends for 2016 - Web, Mobile, Cloud and IoT

Technology in the coming days mainly emphasizes on the internet and smart devices communicating to each other and getting smarter and more efficient to the intended users. Evolution of digital business becomes the heart of the rapid change in technological trends more →

Golang development company

We develop web applications in google go language (golang). Cynere is an ISO 9001 Quality certified and having 10+ years of experience. We are a golang development company. more →

Advantages of Golang that have made it so popular

Focuses on real-world practices for building the next-generation applications on the cloud, computing environments, and system programming. Below, we’re going to discuss the advantages of Golang. more →

Mobile App Development Trends in 2016

These mobile app development trends will amaze you, and you'll have more information to build the high quality app you have been dreaming about. more →

Hire Golang Programmers at Cynere

At Cynere, an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company that has been operational for 10 years you can hire golang programmers; highly qualified with years of experience for all your mobile and web development needs. more →

Biggest Web Design Trends of 2016

What will be the biggest we design trends of 2016? Research and technology show a rapid change in web development come 2016. more →

Go Language is trending and usage is increasing rapidly

You can cite many reasons to migrate to Golang like standard Library which includes large functions anything you have in mind it already have you will rarely go outside library more →

Technology Partner for Startups

Cynere is a software company aiming to expand startups and entrepreneurs businesses with creative web ideas. The web and mobile projects are a must for new businesses looking to make an impact on the market. more →

The raise of connected devices - Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a multi-subject field in that it combines electronics, robotics, computer programming and some aspects of information technology. more →

Compare less vs sass and try and find out which one is better.

They both have algorithm that is automatically compressing your styles, which will in result make your output CSS smaller, and because of it your website will load faster more →

How to Perform MongoDB Performance Tuning

Factors which can cause this problem are attributed but not limited to query structure, application design, index use and data models. Other database performance determiners include system configuration and structural design. more →

Top 7 Reasons for Choosing ASP. NET 5 for Custom Web Application Development

Developers prefer ASP Web.NET 5 application development as it reduces the time and effort taken to develop web apps. Listed below are seven compelling reasons for using ASP Web.NET more →

What is new in ASP.Net 5

The development of modern web applications may seem to be heading towards a right direction after the release of Microsoft’s ASP.Net 5 more →