Dot Wifi

Login to free wifi zone using social media accounts and like their facebook page to access internet.

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A professional networking platform for entertainment industry, by grouping all creative talents under one roof.

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Smart Food

Find nearby restaurant with the help of GPS and order food or reserve a table through mobile app.

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Doesn't feel like working with an offshore development company; but, with a team of friends. We were amazed about their depth of understanding. - George W.

Proposal Builder

An easy to use drag and drop type application which help companies to streamline sales process.

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International Health Research

Application for clinics to make better diagnosis of problems related to skin and hair

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GPS Ticketing

An automated ticketing system with GPS tracking and live status scanning and monitoring.

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Stores Next Door

Look nearby shops and search for new arrivals without going to the shop or follow the shop to get updates.

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Cynere certainly rocks! A bunch of great programmers working there. I recommend Cynere! - William C K

Surveillance system

A tablet application pack which manage the IPCamera’s on a secured hidden network without leaving trace to the end user. Monitor the camera's and its data strength remotely.

Barbados Parliament

Barbados is one of the oldest constitutions in the common wealth.

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Cargo Warehouse

A Web based logistics software which supports major logistics business models with superfast server technologies. Supports high level warehouse management and package tracking.

Small Business CRM

Customer relationship management app for small business operators. Contact us for more details.

Google Glass

Identify a customer when someone sit in front of the sales person.

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Antiroid Website

Stop paying for apps! This application suggests free alternatives for paid apps.

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Ads on Lockscreen

Get paid for interactive updates on your lock screen about any of your favourite categories such as news, fashions, hollywood, e-books...and more!

Teach you stuff

Find trusted local teachers and the best classes. Learn new stuffs by paying or can teach any skills and get paid.