Google Glass Customer Identifier

The Client has business with different shops with a customer base of over ten thousand, and it’s practically impossible to remember the details of these customers. Existing system recognizes the customer, based on customer id. The client was looking for a better solution to identify the customers and make a note, based on their purchase history.

Google Glass, representing a huge opportunity for wearable computing is a best solution to meet with the above requirement [Client was ready to buy enough glasses as soon as Google launch the product]. It will be awesome if the glass can identify the customer when someone sit in front of the sales person. This way the sales person can treat the customer in a more cordial way, without asking his customer Id, and this ultimately leads to greater customer satisfaction, and predictably.......repeated shopping.

Key Challenges

Glassware designing requires to be discreet while providing the user the relevant information and user experience they are looking for. Simple text, clean lines, and an easy menu structure are the keys to build Google Glass applications.

Users usually won’t prefer waiting for information or content to be downloaded, Google Glass Apps should deliver the content with a lightning pace. Apps shouldn’t exhibit delay on loading, Glassware need to provide up-to-the-second information with quick responses to the user via fast interaction with servers.

Technology & Solution

With the help of cloud computing and neural networks (AI Module) we have implemented the face recognition functionality. We have used Amazon cloud servers to host the application with Node.js as server side.

When a user sit in front of sales person the glass captures his/her image and send to cloud server. All the processing is done in server level and thus no performance issue with the glass. The neural network framework returns almost 99% accuracy in recognizing faces.

The client is very happy with the product since it is unique & versatile of its kind and has a huge business scope.