GPS Based Service Ticketing

An automated system with GPS tracking and live ticket status scanning for their customers.


We will be using two hardwares "Motorola Handheld Computer MC65" and "Zebra Bluetooth Printer MZ220". MC65 is a windows 6.5 mobile device with camera, wifi and bluetooth. MZ220 is a small 2" wide reciept printer that a service person can carry.

We have done the development in C# with windows 6.5 SDK. The printer language we have used is CPCL with the help of many third party libraries.

Key Challenges

The application required to build with Local Database import/sync with server, Bluetooth printer discovery, Printing, GPS location monitoring and licence validations. Since Windows 6.5 sdk don’t have inbuilt libraries for getting GPS data and Bluetooth operations; we need to build from the low level.

Mobile App and Backend

A licence key is required for unlimited usage of the application, otherwise the application will stop working after 30 days. The Licence key is based on the mobile phones IMIE address which cannot be duplicated.

Service operators can take complaints with taking picture of it and update the parameters of ticket. The ticket will be saved into operator’s mobile device and will sync to server when he get a stable internet connection. Operator can Print this ticket with a QR Code and ticket details using Zebra Bluetooth printer. We have implemented the Bluetooth device discovery and bluetooth communication with the help of interop libraries(operating system dlls).

When the next operator came to the same customer, he can scan the Old QR Code and load previous ticket information. Administrator can upload or update the master data with SD card Or via Wifi.

technologies used

Client Feedback

We recommend the company Cynere. They meet our technical and time requirements.

- Gerardo Gonzalez, Mexico