Official Barbados Parliament Website

A way to contribute a transparent government to the public. Members of parliament and other users can search through government records and watch day today parliament activities.

Existing system

Minister’s speech where shorthanded and later converted into text format(.txt). Some of the old documents are scanned image of hardcopies which is in pdf format. It is hard to manage and find information from old bills if we want to search for something.

technologies used

Project Brief

The client required the data to be in a common format and able search and find information from the entire files through their website.

They need a system where minister’s speeches can be viewed as video to the people of democratic. There should not be any downtime or issues while launching upgraded website.

There is about 20GB of .txt files to be indexed for searching and all with different format. Performance optimization is the key factor required in the development since the site is using by millions of users.

A part of the site was done in PHP/MySQL; so we have continued the development in PHP and MySQL. We used Amazon Cloud Services for search prototypes. We have suggested Google Prediction API to get more accurate results with the help of machine learning.