Advantages of Knockoutjs

JavaScript is a vital player in today's modern web applications. In Cynere applications, JavaScript was initially used for data validation from client side however today; we primly use it to create responsive and interactive User Interfaces. It is constantly evolving with new JavaScript frameworks and libraries to cater the growing web-market need. We at Cynere, as a smart developer try, test and explore this world of opportunities. Knockoutjs is a similar successful and useful web tool from Java. 

Though the advantages are numerous few outstanding features are highlighted below:

  • Feasibility to connect anytime with the UI elements in data model. 
  • Create complex and dynamic data models with ease.   
  • Data binding aids in manipulating the stored data, reflecting it to the User Interface and updating the UI with regular backend changes if any.
  • Supports event-driven programming model and offers 100% customization. 
  • Supports IE, Firefox, Safari, Bing, Chrome and many more main stream browsers. 
  • Helps in avoiding bloating up of HTTP dialogue with presentation logic and markup presentation on the server. 
  • It ensures application of business rules, data security and more control on the webpage. 
  • It also offers referential integrity and many validation features in regard to workflow for additional security. 
  •  Knockoutjs offer outstanding extensibility.  It has numerous extension points and utilities for building an application. 

As Knockoutjs is built on MVVM (Model View ViewModel) logic, an architectural design pattern with separated GUI segments that renders ease in application development. We at Cynere also understand that the benefits of MVVM or Model View ViewModel pattern are also equally crucial:

  • MVVM provides more flexibility in design and developing tools.
  • This pattern ensures a thorough and deep unit testing. 
  • It offers the feasibility to change the UI without having to re-factor other logics of the base code.
  • The UI components are subjected to much more re-usability. 
  • MVVM builds a robust architectural design pattern with separated GUI segments that renders ease in application development.