Best Single Page Application Development Frameworks

The need to use single page applications came from the fact they allow to create a more desktop like experience to the user. Single page applications can be created in a structured manner which is possible with a javascript framework.

The following are some of the best SPA frameworks.

1) AngularJS

If you want to extend the vocabulary for the application then angular.js is the best choice. This will result in a very attractive and understandable environment.  This is an open source Javascript framework and particularly maintained by google. It is a broadly spread framework. This makes the testing and development a lot easier. It uses the old-style HTML for dynamic content.

2) Backbone and Marionette.js

This is a lightweight framework which allows creating the single page applications. It allows to create applications is a structured manner. The interface in this is RESTful JSON. The data can be represented as models with it. The data can be destroyed, created and validated with it. This is a tool which allows designing the full experience of a web application. You can build sophisticated and structured applications with help of backbone. Being built on DOM events the mechanism becomes versatile.

Marionette.js is a library generally built on top of backbone.js. It allows building a lot many javascript SPA. It is created on MVC pattern.

3) Meteor

meteor This can build the highest quality applications in very less time interval. A beginner or an expert both will find it easy building applications. This is something the industry is in need of these days. It is an open source javascript application. It is a well-known fact that writing a software it quite time consuming and difficult. With meteor this problem is solved and it becomes easy.

Thus these are the top single page applications used in present times. Their main purpose is to increase the user experience and it can be retrieved with a single page load. It used to build applications that are based on the present browsers.

4) Ember

If you want to create ambitious web applications then this is the top choice. The main aim of ember is productivity. There is no need for writing any javascript at the beginning.  It is rightly said that one can experience the future of web platform with this. The knowledge of jQuery makes it easy to fetch models in ember. The best thing about it is that it has all the idioms present in it. It is basically an open source.

5) Batman 

People in love with rails will surely love batman. The primary concept of batman was framed keeping the Rails development in notice.  It is used for developing the rich web applications. Many a times it many resemble angular also. It is a MVC framework. It is written in coffeeScript. The events involved in this a re very simple. It is a client side framework. It was released on 23 August 2011. It was released as open source software.  People acquainted with Cocoa and Rails find it quite easy.