Biggest Web Design Trends of 2016

What will be the biggest we design trends of 2016? Research and technology show a rapid change in web development come 2016. 

One of the main issues to be looked into is the proliferation of user interfaces types and patterns. Creation of responsive websites has led to many websites looking alike. WordPress, for instance, has spearheaded and greatly contributed to this. However experts argue that this isn’t that bad either and further suggest some few patterns web developers should be familiar with: 

  1. Hamburger menu; though criticized it is undoubtedly widespread and its functionality makes users easily recognize it. 
  2. Registration of accounts; future websites (in 2016) are expect to have registration windows for new users who intend to use particular websites. Use of multi-step form wizards also is expected to be very effective since they “chunk out” some required fields thus reducing friction and further encouraging users to easily flow through the web process.
  3. Long scroll; it takes the advantage that almost everyone is accustomed to long scrolls due to increased use of smartphones. As said by the experts, the technique works well for websites that want to lure users through storytelling and one can still ape or copy a multi-page website by reducing the pages into clear sections.
  4. Layouts of cards; this has been greatly pioneered by Pinterest. These cards are used in most websites because they present information in chunks perfect for scanning. It is advantageous because each and represents one particular unified information. Their shapes make it easier to restructure and rearrange for different user interfaces or device breakpoints.
  5. Hero images; vision makes the strongest human sense and further triggers use of HD (High Dimension) images and pictures to attract users attention. This idea of HD devices come in as a result of advances in bandwidth, the speed of data transfer and data compression thus many users can quickly surf and enjoy web services. The common layout as discussed by experts that one may find is a hero-image above the scrolling point (the scroll) followed by the zigzag sections or card based arrangements.


In addition to the User Interfaces, web design trends by 2016 are expected to have rich animation effects by. Such features enhance the storytelling capability in many websites. These animations can be thought in two groups or categories:

  1. Large scale animations which might be used as the basic interaction tools and impact more on the liware or users (small-scale animations have effects such as parallax scrolling with pop-up notifications included)
  2. Animations in small scale which integrate spinners, loading bars./ hover tools and require less or even no user input.

The said animations are bound to apply the following seven (7) popular animation techniques which include: loading animation, hovering, no-scrolling/menus and navigations, slideshows and galleries, scrolling, background videos among others.

Micro interactions

The third feature on web design trend is micro interactions i.e. a like picture on Facebook which when one click like it turns to a blue color and when one unlike it turns grey or black. This feature according to experts is expected to help users do several things. For instance, communicate feedback to the web administrator, to see the result of a particular action and lastly helps the user achieve or manipulate something.

Material design

Material design is another feature in web design trend. A recently launched design by Google allows the use of shadow effects in order to create super designs that are more realistic and perfect for use by the end users. The core objective of material design is to create a modern and clean design that mainly focuses on user interfaces.

Responsive Design

Another web design trend is the Responsive Design: this is bound to allow websites respond to different types of screen sizes that are the small medium large and extra-large without affecting the purpose or data that is being displayed to the end users.

Flat Designs

Flat designing feature in web creation, makes the sixth important feature be included in web-2016 design. It has been around and integrates well with minimalism, material design minimalism among other web creation features. The flat design intends to integrate more and more features including long shadows, vibrant color schemes, simple typography, ghost buttons among others.

Artificial Intelligence

Web design trend -2016 according to experts is going to have and use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance and enable communication and make it, even more, easier as it is currently.