cynere logo explained

Cynere LLC is a technology focused web and mobile development company. The logo of cynere should represents a visible manifestation of our business.

What cynere’s new logo should look like?

  • A logo which can be easy to remember.
  • Simple and powerful.
  • Easy to print in any medium in any size.
  • A logo with a personality and a character.
  • Deep affiliation towards technology and computers


Punched-cards Data stored in early computers was using punched cards, paper cards containing several punched holes. These paper cards allowed companies to record information and be able to access these information with the help of early mechanical computers.

So, from the day one, in the computer age “on” and “off” condition became the basics of computer. In this digital era, everything is stored in the form of binary (in other words zeros and ones).  Every platform, Computer, laptop, Tablet, mobile, internet, cloud, database, images, files, operating system… Everything is binary.


The logo of cynere contain 10 dots imitate like they are holes from a punched card. There are two dots which was not punched and this is at “off” condition. Computer programs are well structured code for a specific purpose. The spacing between holes are equal to the width of the holes as it is well structured.  The selected font matches towards the concept and icon of logo.

Logo of cynere holds a serious and tech look. There is no complex objects used, no gradients used, no multi colors used. So simple, as this can be plotted to any medium easily.