Go Language is trending and usage is increasing rapidly

Siberian Birds fly thousands of miles for better world and more bounty, but only those who migrate first will reap greatest of benefits.Just like that, we think that time has come to migrate to Golang , A computer programming language It is a high time when we wake up and accept tomorrow’s language and meet the future head on .If you choose to adopt it as part of the herd when it is already standard it will be too late and you will be following the trend set by the programmers who adopted it first when you were sitting at the fence.

You can cite many reasons to migrate to Golang like standard Library which includes large functions anything you have in mind it already have you will rarely go outside library ,tooling (like Frmt ,go test,go tec etc), compiling which doesn’t wait for VM to start and can target multiple platform with cross compilation ,concurrency with goroutines and channels ,deployment with sigle binary file etc. or you can find many reasons to sit on the fence on this one. We want you to think about last time when new trend was emerging and you saw it potential but didn’t do anything about it and later regret it. We want you to give this a real thought and you will know what to do.