Hire Golang Programmers at Cynere

The open source programming language Go (golang) popularity is on the rise, and it is becoming the language of choice for many developers around the world. With it, you can build simple, reliable yet powerful and efficient software. At Cynere, an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company that has been operational for 10 years you can hire golang programmers; highly qualified with years of experience for all your mobile and web development needs. We also create cloud based applications and offer expert advice on customers wanting to build cloud connected devices. For those who want a little help in their projects we at Cynere also have remote programmers that can be hired on a monthly basis. 

Go language although still young, borrows most of its syntax from existing language and is easy to learn for experienced programmers. With golang: functions are first class objects, concurrency is supported from the language level, strings and maps are built into the language, it compiles very quickly and has garbage collection. To get the best out of your new software, Cynere is the company you should hire. Being Microsoft's and Intel Premium partners we at Cynere guarantee to deliver only the best software to suit your company's needs.