How Knockoutjs works for Cynere?

Knockoutjs is a very popular JavaScript library, gaining popularity day by day as it helps to create high responsive, rich and interactive web applications created by Cynere. Knockoutjs works with the web application's underlying data model directly. The usage is not only simple and straightforward but also very useful for dynamic UI creation.

Working technique

Knockoutjs is built on an architectural design pattern with separated GUI segments that renders ease in application development. We at Cynere understand the Knockoutjs functioning methodology, which is based on MVVM (Model View ViewModel) logic. MVVM is an architectural design pattern originally developed by Microsoft for creating WPF and Silverlight applications.

MVVM has the following 3 parts

Model:  It holds the application data.  Operates as the ‘data part’ for the entire pattern. It stores the data enter by user with any specific UI elements. 

View: Presents the model data to the user. It accommodates the structure or Layout of the UI. 

ViewModel: It acts as a bridge between Model and View by establishing communication with both parts. This process is known as ‘data binding’.  It aids in manipulating the stored data, reflecting it to the User Interface and updating the UI with regular backend changes if any.