Node.js Development

Node.js is built on Chrome JavaScript runtime. It was built with a purpose to easily make fast, scalable network applications. It is lightweight and efficient because it uses event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. It is the best platform to make data intensive real time applications. This means that it builds server side applications. It is possible to run it on windows, Mac and Linux. The main aim to design these applications is to enhance the efficiency and output. It has experienced massive growth from a few years.

In present era the use of node.js is gaining popularity. This is due to the wide use of JavaScript which has brought about lot of changes. With the help of push technology node.js builds real time application. Today many companies are driving huge benefits from node.js technology. In short if we say node.js will not dominate the web but it can fulfill the needs.

Cynere is a company working in this direction. It is equipped with latest technology and a proficient staff that can build the node.js applications. Our node.js applications have been inspired by gmail. Our developers have a tool that can work in event driven I/O paradigm. Now web applications are build which are real-time. Along with express.js we build classic web applications. Moreover the best part is that applications that run on node.js are quite seo friendly. With this you can solve compute scaling problem. We recommend you to use this application if you do not use CPU intensive programs or use the blocking resources. Now with node.js turn towards light weight and real time applications. We provide you a flexible application framework which has many features to build single and multiple page applications. Visit us and try our node.js applications. We are sure you will be satisfied with our services.