Power Behind Handlebarsjs template system

Handlebarsjs refer to a semantic web template system. It is also a superset of Mustache, which is able to render mustache templates on top of handlebars templates. Although mustache is logic less language in templating, handlebars on the other hand adds extensibility and minimal logic e.g. #if, #unless, #with, #each helpers. It is written entirely on java script.

There are so many advantages of using handlebarsjs the obvious one is that, unlike other templating solutions such as eco, handlebars does not tempt you to embed domain logic in your html. Apart from simple conditionals and loops are necessary in your applications JavaScript, this enhances the separation of concerns, which then leads to a better testability. Extensibility allows you to effectively, write a template DSL on your application, with custom helpers. Additionally, with the use of handlebars, you just need o compile a given template only once then it generate a JavaScript function that will be executed repeatedly; this cuts the expense of re-parsing the template.