Social Network Development using neo4j Graph database

Today it is easy to contact new people through the various social sites; every individual has bulk amount of digital trace addressed to him/her. These digital traces when studied under light have the potential to change the way we live our life. The interaction between every individual can be represented and preserved in graphs like in neo4j technology; this model uses nodes and edges for the pictorial display. Nodes are used to represent individuals and edges represent the different relationship among individuals. Building these graphs cannot be done by a layman because of the various technical challenges it put forwards, namely the changing behaviour of individual i.e. time varying nature of the problem and the large amount of data to be stored and retrieved. The neo4j technology helps find areas where bottlenecks may develop and suggests solutions to such adverse activities prior to the happening using graphical representation.

Cynere helps in optimization, design, development and marketing of such sites. The requirements by different users can be different, the type of target users can vary and many other factors govern the successful working of a site. We keeps in mind the business goal of every individual and makes strategies suiting the social site. It is normal for any visitor to close your site if he/she is unable to interpret what the site means to say, this problem arises because of the poor designing of the site; We knows the importance of first impression you leave on visitors and thus assigns the designing part to well set professionals.

The digital world changes on a day to day basis and thus the site has to be updated every moment, this company lets you have control over your site and empowers you to make changes as and when required. Building a site is one thing and marketing is a totally different work. You might have the right product but it’s necessary to let people know of your products existence. Cynere uses data graphs and makes sure that the right marketing policy is adopted.