The raise of connected devices - Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of the technologies that is aiming at giving internet connectivity to some of the physical items that we can use when interacting in our daily lives. This concept aims at narrowing in on the human-human interaction by replacing some of the tasks that humans can perform physically with automated systems. For instance, instead of an electrician coming to your home to read on your electricity consumption; instead the system is fitted with programmed electronics which would automatically send data to where it is needed.

The Internet of Things is a multi-subject field in that it combines electronics, robotics, computer programming and some aspects of information technology. This implies that sensors and electronics are programmed with a suitable software capability thereby allowing the devices in which the sensors and electronics are installed to be able to relay as well as receive information from given sources. This means that some network connection is given to the objects where the Internet of Things concept is applied. Internet connectivity is now applied to whole range of devices including wearable items like watches, controlling manufacturing processes, homes and so many other applications.

The data input aspect of IoT is based on use of sensors and GPS mappings and present the information obtained through haptic feel, virtual reality, audio forms as well as modifying the environment in which the input was applied. The Internet of Things is greatly impacting on businesses as consumer needs are greatly shifting towards interacting with connected devices.

So, how is this concept of importance? Well, consider a situation where you are at work and at the same time you can control some aspects of your home by let’s say remotely open or close a given door or adjust some temperature changes. This can be made possible by fitting the entry points with programmed motion sensors making it easier to control the opening as well as the closing. Thermostats can also greatly work for temperature regulation. By connected the physical devices with some of the portable devices we carry; we are therefore likely to gain more connection and interaction with things which are of our interest with more ease.

When use on wearable items, the IoT can prove to be very useful when it comes to aspects like tracking child movements, health monitoring and lots of other benefits. When used for health monitoring, the specific data concerning the health aspect being measured is read then transmitted to devices like phones which at most times are within reach.