Top 10 Mobile Application Development Trends

1) Minimal design

mobile app trends 2014The rule more is less is no longer followed by anyone. With changing times the taste of people has changed and they no longer are interested in a cluttered interface. The preference is given to simple and beautiful applications. The key point in developing such applications is to use minimum and beautiful controls. An application with less controls and gestures will be more users friendly.

2) Flat look

Gone are the days when Skeuomorphism was the trend in market. The latest trend in the market is of flat designs. No longer are three dimensional graphics preferred. Flat and sleek designs are preferred by people. The motto od present times has become simple is better. Ios applications have already started using this design. The best thing about flat designs is that it can be adjusted to fit screen size.

3) Bigger Look

Smaller looks are no longer preferred by people. Bigger looks grab the eyeball of people faster. Minimal designs can be adopted with bigger look. Because of this reason app developers are also giving preference to bigger controls.

4) Different types of fonts

No longer is the same monotonous default fonts used. Bigger and better fonts have been incorporated. An amazing typography is forming the basics of app designs. The new apps now are using 16-18px font size as compared to 10-12px of the usual size. This will help to attract people. To give a professional touch to app clear lettering also plays an important role.

5) Few controls

It is a foreseen trend in future that apps would work with a few numbers of controls. This would give more interaction. The present trend is of touch and tap. But this will see a change in time to come. In future by tilting the phone to right you will be able to browse the page instead of swiping finger to right. Many such innovations can be seen in coming future.

6) Location dependent  applications

The day is not far when we will see location dependent applications. This means that context of the applications will change as per the location. This means that they will be easily recognize the behavior and pattern of the user. In many applications like that of weather this feature is still available.

7) Vector Graphics

The challenge that designers are facing is to make such applications which can suit and fit as per the size of screen. Graphics can be designed easily but implementing them on mobile screen is a difficult task. Moreover adjusting them to different resolutions is again not an easy job. However this job is made simpler now with the release of tool called sketch. With this the application can be developed for a particular screen size which can further be scaled to suit various screens.

8) Native becoming popular

As per Mark Zuckerberg developing facebook application for android on HTML5 was a mistake. It has not shown good results. Though it is quite powerful and time saving also but the time has come when the transition to native is necessary. Users prefer applications in native language.

9) Using signboards for animations

Animation is an important part of application. In present times the developers make use of animations as signboards.  Animations can help the user to understand the functionality of applications. The overall look of application can be modified with them.

10) Skeuomorphism becoming outdated

The trend of Skeuomorphism is surely over now. Few years back people loved this concept but not now. In present times the looks have no role. People are preferring flat designs now.