Upcoming Technology Trends for 2016 - Web, Mobile, Cloud and IoT

Technology in the coming days mainly emphasizes on the internet and smart devices communicating to each other and getting smarter and more efficient to the intended users. Evolution of digital business becomes the heart of the rapid change in technological trends

Adaptive Security Design/Architecture

Security has been a major worry to various companies in the world thus computer technology tends to be moving towards a safer and more secure environment in the coming years. Historically, many companies have been in to defend their systems but experts forecast that more techniques and tools will be available to go on the aggressive, leveraging predictive design/modeling giving examples such as allowing most applications to protective themselves. Experts further underscore that both small and large organizations and companies must build proper security into all business processes. Having it is something additional is tantamount to inviting some a number of weird problems.

Cloud based services

The clouds will turbo-charge the video gaming industry. Stephen Sorell a senior personnel in Juniper Research says that future computer based games will largely rely on a combination of console and cloud based power. Most gaming organizations/industries are expecting the distribution of Nintendo’s next generation gaming system.(referenced 'Nintendo NX')

Advanced Customer Architecture

Gartner further notes that more organizations are pushing the envelope to ensure technology copies human way of thinking (Artificial Intelligence/human brain). A major example of this as cited by Gartner is Facebook’s intense facial recognition latest technology.

Virtual Reality

This technological trend enables users to have a fake but more interesting and captivating user experience. Imagine sitting before a computer gaming that is or before a television screen watching but seemingly you are part of the game of part of the movie or program you are watching. Amazing really! Advanced virtual reality headsets are anticipated from major technological companies such as Sony, Oculus, HTC among many others. Prices of these are already falling as analysis show and are expected to even fall further while the use of these virtual reality devices is spreading beyond the gaming industry. A good example is an immersive experience for Game of Thrones created by HBO.

Robotics (The use of Robots)

Future trends in technology are focusing in creating more social robots that can completely interact with people in a more social way. Probably human want to be acknowledged on who does what, when and where. This is so interesting and evidently more work will be made easier and friendlier. Japan, for instance, releases its first generation robot (The Softbank Japanese Robot Company) of social robots in 2015 and they sold out very well into the market. More companies are expected to produce more and more social robots and release them into the market soon. For instance, Blue Frog Robotics (A French Robotics Company) is developing a new robot-Buddy that will be able to recognize most of the human facial expressions. Inclusive is an expected model of self-driving vehicles yet to be manufactured by 2025.

Wearable Technology

This technology trend is expected to make a bigger impact in the workforce. Although it has not been embraced and loved by many, it is expected to be more common in many workplaces and organizations. Wearing technology would be part of what many bosses will offer to employees when they first report to work. Paramedics, surgeons and many other medics who work on barren/sterile environments are bound to benefit from these devices, for example, the additional arms device that allows hands-free communication. 

Speedy/Fast Cell Phone Technology

Most phones smartphones inclusive currently operate on 3G (Third Generation) and 4G (Forth Generation) networks. However, many companies and manufacturers are focusing on developing more advanced and standard networks-5G. The 5G network is believed to be 100 times faster and efficient compared to the current 4G network according to the Head Research at Jupiter. Various communication networks are already in the process of testing the new 5G network. Softbank and Ericsson are a good example of companies who have begun field trials of the 5G network technologies as from July 2015 in Tokyo.

Communicating screens

Companies are looking for ways of making devices communicate to each other(technology speak). This feature is in other terms referred to as Technology Speak. Microsoft Windows 10 (the latest released version of windows) allows multiple compatible devices such as the Microsoft phone models in the same network to stream similar games across multiple devices. Compatibility issues might be a key drawback for the Microsoft case above. 

A more demand of Bitcoin Technology for financial institutions

This technology has been largely integrated by financial institutions despite its number of experienced disadvantages. The innovation-Bitcoin is a digital record of events. It has an instant and transparent nature which allows instant transfer of money across international borders. It is more secure and much cheaper giving customers a wide range of banks to think of.