Vector graphics with raphaeljs

Working with Scalable vector graphics (SVG) using JavaScript has for a long while been a headache for many wen developers. But that has changed with the advent of raphaeljs

What is raphaeljs?

It is a lightweight JavaScript library that simplifies working with vectors. As a developer you may be asking yourself what are vectors? How can I use them? Why is raphaeljs the best library for working with vectors? SVG is a two-dimensional graphics format that enables the creation of web interactive animation. Such is useful when creating charts and widgets on the web.Raphaeljs efforts in the creation of such vector graphics by using SVG W3C recommendations and VML as a baseline for creating web graphics. Raphaeljs triumphs in this by ensuring such graphics are browser independent and cross compatible. Currently raphaeljs supports all major browser version, that is; Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer and Opera. More on browser support can be found


The current version of the library can be downloaded from the library`s website,and included into a HTML page. Please refer to the documentation on the appropriate usage of the library. provides lookup links that provide invaluable detailed information about the library’s objects.