Vertx Development from India

Vertx is an application backed by high performance, has lightweight. It is designed for applications of mobile, web and enterprise. The nervous system of vertx is distributed event bus. The best part is it allows the user to write in any language of your choice and subsequently put on network as per your wish. Moreover it is possible to embed vertex as library in the already present Java application. The components of vertx can be packaged into modules so that it can be encapsulated and further reused.

Basically it is an event driven application. It runs on Java virtual machine. Some of the examples of similar environment but in different languages are Node.js, Twisted and event machine. Some of the features of this application are

  1. It is possible to write the application components in Java, JavaScript, ruby or python.
  2. No multi-threading programming is required.
  3. It has a simple programming model so that non- blocking applications can be written.

The advantage of this application is that it allows to allows to concentrate on the application itself rather than confusing yourself about the technology.

Vertx is definitely a technology of future.

Cynere is specialized in making applications that are vertx based. Cynere is specialized in solving the problems that are being faced today with the help of this future technology. Today almost everybody owns a mobile phone. At cynere we have a dedicated team that is continuously working with innovation and technology to meet the demands of mobile users and make new mobile applications that are user friendly also. Our vertx system allows the re using and sharing of components for module system. You do not require any complex configuration for this. It is a licensed application and completely open source. With the help of this we use several languages in one application