What is new in ASP.Net 5

The development of modern web applications may seem to be heading towards a right direction after the release of Microsoft’s ASP.Net 5. Asp.Net which has been gaining popularity among the web developers since its first release may impress its users with the new features that have been added to its latest kid. Here are the details about the new features that have been added to asp.net 5.

Introduction of new tag helpers

Anyone dealing with designing and developing of a website will appreciate the importance of the tag helpers. The new tag helpers will help you customize the way you create the views in Asp.Net application. There are new tags used in creating forms such as Html.BeginForm(), HmlLabelFor among many other new form related tags that are different from the tags previously used.

Integration of Asp.Net into OSX and Linux

This new feature will spread the use of Asp.Net to a wide scope. It will be possible for you to run Asp.Net on OSX and Linux operating systems. Previously this was impossible. This means that there would be increased audience of developers using diverse software development tools on Asp.Net

Joining of Web API controllers and MVC

In the new Asp.Net 5, there is one controller class that would be controlling both Web APIs controllers and MVC. IActionResult can be used to return view on MVC and data on Web API. However, the same controller can return view and data .

Doing away with forms

One of the most liked feature on Asp.Net, the web forms are not in the new Asp.Net 5. You may be forced to write your web forms using other platforms.

No Visual Basic

Finally it may be time for you to upgrade from Visual Basic as it is not supported in the new Asp.Net 5. Migrating to C# may not be a bad option.

Component viewing

There is a new technology that you may use to view components in your web application. View Components feature will enable you to easily call on any component such as an add to appear on the web page.


GruntJS feature on Asp.Net 5 will enable you to easily construct features that enhance you Web page. These may include the front end features such as JavaScript and CSS. For GruntJS to work, you will need Plugins from NPM.


in Asp.Net 5 , xUnit.net will be used as a testing framework for your Asp.Net applications.

Injection framework

Asp.Net 5 comes with a built-in support for Dependency Injection and service Location Pattern. This reduces the stress of having to rely on third party providers of this service.