Why graph database?

Database means collection and organisation of data. In twentieth century the idea of storing data in columns and rows cannot be utilised for the amount of data generated every day is beyond the handling capacity of conventional relational database; several sites generated thousands of gigabytes per day on multiple servers across the world.  Another reason why graph model is rising is the interconnected nature of data in various fields; data in one column can be used by more than one entities and finding the exact relation between those entities is crucial. The use of graph theory can make this task easier. Also use of graphs is not limited to any field, today it is used in aviation, railways, entertainment, and infotainment and in every sector you can think of. This by itself is a proof of the power of graph databases; no business company would have used this model on such large scales if it wasn’t worth it. Not only large scale companies but many start-ups use this model from the very beginning as they realise its importance in the digital world.

Following are some reasons supporting the use of graphs for development:

  1. For models having large data that needs to be represented as a tree for better understanding 
  2. For complex, pyramidal al or hierarchical structure with multiple connections
  3. It’s cheaper than maintaining a relational database
  4. The model is suitable for data that keeps on changing on a continuous basis 
  5. Traversing in a graph is easy and multiple fields can be assigned to one link or element
  6. Semi structured information can be stored and represented
  7. Better performance standards
  8. This database is easy to install, deploy, configure and test, thus reducing the runtime
  9. The whiteboard friendliness makes graph model more compatible. There is no need of O/R mapping measures to implement graphs in your database

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