Why should i use bootstrap?

Cynere recommends bootstrap, primly for the distinctive array of CSS styling tool availability that includes text headings, static navigation bars, large form inputs, animated buttons, icons and image thumbnails. The feasibility of customizable plugins can be integrated for additional features like dropdown menus, tooltips, popups, and interactive alerts.

Bootstrap also supports unique implementations like responsive layout. Responsive layouts are free and help in building time saving frame-works. In-order to work in-line with the booming trend of accessing internet from versatile devices like iPhone or iPad, bootstrap allows websites to change their CSS, respective to user’s mode of ingress.

Though there several pros in using Bootstrap, few of the most significant benefits considered by Cynere are highlighted below:

  •  Bootstrap libraries that accommodate several readymade codes, help in building a website without much research and hence saves time.
  •  It is 100% customizable and so a developer can tailor-make his development project as desired.
  •  CSS framework is flexible and is easy to get started.
  •  Offers great grid system and uses fundamental styling for most HTML elements.
  •  Offers extensive list of pre-styled components.
  •  The Design factors are impressive that offer consistency, easy integration, quick responsiveness, future compatibility, competitiveness and excellent documentation.
  •  Bundled JavaScript plugins build interactive sessions and great documentation with free demos, examples.
  •  Bootstrap is ever-evolving and regularly up-graded to stay in-line with the web trends.


Cynere observes bootstrap to be layman friendly. The Base CSS library and Bootstrap docs platform offers you different and extensive number of tools and components that will aid you in a constructive way, as a web developer.